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The world of webdesign is constantly evolving. To keep you up to date on the newest trends in webdesign, webshop development & corporate identities we provide you our blog section. Click on an item below to start on reading. Have fun!

Free Website Analyzer Tool

As a website owner you are always looking for ways to generate more visitors on your website, getting a higher conversion rates or receive more form results. Let's get you started with some free tools to optimize your website with just a few simple adjustments.

Google Microdata

The HTML5 microdata specification is a way to label content to describe a specific type of information for example, reviews, person information, or events. Each information type describes a specific type of item, such as a person, and event, or a review. For example, an event has the properties venue, starting time, name, and category.

Responsive Web Design

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows, meaning that Responsively Designed sites more user friendly and accessible. This fundamental shift in how websites should be built is one of our standards. Let show you some examples why responsive design is so important.

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