World Book Day 2020

Apr 23, 2020

by adminadmin

In celebration of World Book Day 2020, we asked the team to share some of their favorite reads and why they mean something to them.


the last lecture by randy pausch and jeffrey zaslow

favourited by bas

Bas said: "I loved this book because of the emotional story and strong message."


kingdom come by mark waid and alex ross

favourited by christian

Christian said: "Not a 'book' but a comic book. Read and studied this one way back in college during my Anatomy class. Amazing reference especially if you’re studying body movements."


12 rules for life by jordan b. peterson

favourited by kristine

Kristine said: "This book taught me how to aim for paradise, and concentrate on today."


it's not how good you are it's how good you want to be by paul arden

favourited by niel

Niel said: "My one and only book. This was given to me by one of my Mom’s friends before I came to Dubai. This is super inspiring."


atomic habits by james clear

favourited by nitesh

Nitesh said: "This explains the science behind Habit Formations. It gives a good insight on how habits are formed and gives guidelines on how to form new habits and break old habits. Fascinating."


nasa space shuttle owners' workshop manual

favourited by patrick

Patrick said: "Because it's an owners' manual." We're not quite sure if Patrick has actually read the book or just geeked out over the awesome illustrations throughout. Either way, one of his favourites!


digital minimalism by cal newport

also favourited by nitesh

Nitesh said: "It's really helpful for someone who feels they are spending lots of time on social media. It explains the tricks used by different social media platforms to keep a user engaged. It also tells of side effects of excess online presence/technology addiction, and provides strategies for 'digital de-clutter'."


the digital transformation playbook by david l. rogers

favourited by kareem

Kareem said: "Great book about digital in general, but more from a macro perspective."