4 Reasons your hosting is important

Feb 02, 2023

by BasBas

When your website or web application is ready, the next step would be good hosting. You are in need of a good physical server that stores the data and files for your website to run smoothly. It is however not only providing space, because things like security, backups and speed are as well very important. So why is good hosting so important? These are according to us the four most important reasons to invest in good hosting:

#1 Better security

As a digital agency we have several procedures and checklists in place to assure the security of our websites and applications. However, hosting plays an important role as well. In Dubai and the Middle East we want to be the leading agency when it comes to security. Choosing a good web hosting and getting a secure IP address is necessary to enable HTTPS on your website. HTTPS, stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and ensures that all information going through the website gets automatically encrypted. This hides sensitive or personal information from the world, which includes hackers. It is important to avoid messages like: “Your connection to this site is not secure?”

#2 Frequent website backups

We can't state enough the importance of a good and frequent backup solution for your website or application. Together with our customers we create a detailed plan for this which gives a lot of peace of mind and ensures one of your most important company assets to be protected at all times. Frequent backups let you recover files you accidentally delete, resolve update problems, provide protection against hackers and in the rare case there would be a serious problem with a server you know that your asset is safe on a backup server at another physical location.

#3 Better website load time means as well better SEO

A slow website is not the experience you would like to give your target audience. If a page is taking too long to load, a potential customer is very likely to give up and click away. Data shows that about half of site visits are cut short if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. You want to aim for 1-2 seconds of load time. Load times are directly linked to your web hosting. You can have a well built website, but if your hosting is poor, your website will be slow. Did you know that page speed is directly linked to your Google ranking? So if you want to improve your SEO you need fast pages. Since conversion is one of our main goals within Tentwenty we are assisting our customers in most cases with hosting as well.

#4 Less website downtime

Websites can go down for a few reasons, including poor coding or an issue in the content management system. We as Tentwenty have great focus on this and several procedures and checklists in place in order to avoid this at all times. Unreliable hosting is however another common cause for website downtime. It is obvious that you want to avoid this at all times and therefore good hosting needs to be in place and here again a clear plan needs to be in place should something go wrong. A plan like this includes regular monitoring and as well as clear steps to allow it to go live again as quickly as possible.

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