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The DIFC a ‘city within a city’. Businesses located in the Centre can make the most of a dedicated ecosystem within a rapidly growing market situated on one of the crossroads of the globalized economy. This diverse Freezone and Community now has an extensive web presence for businesses, retail, laws & regulations, real estate and more.




Website, iOS & Android app

Live Website

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The Challenge

”A City within a City

The amount of services the DIFC offers is vast, and therefore also is the challenge to design and develop 1 platform that support all. One of the major objectives is making the website more engaging. Once this hurdle is taken the key call to actions are next. If it’s Setting up your Business, Finding a Company in the Public Register, a document in the Legal Database or Exploring the Community through the Unique 3D animation of the area, the website supports it.


A 3D View of the DIFC

Ask random person in Dubai if they know the DIFC. Their answer will be Yes. Or is it? To make sure any visitor in the DIFC is well informed about the vast size of the free zone. Not just the Gate Precinct, but also all the surrounding buildings and the soon to be opened Gate Avenue.


News, Press & Events

With a mix of Corporate & Community news, Press Releases and Events, there is always something happening in the DIFC. Subscribe to their newsletter and stay up to date.


The Community

Are you living or working in the DIFC? The Community portal offers you to find any restaurant or retail at the click of a button. Where will you have lunch this afternoon?



Throughout the website there is a consistent structure of blocks which allows the user to easily navigate to the section they are looking and increases the amount of page views per visitor.


Social Media

The Social Media reel in the footer of the website automatically updates any content posted on the DIFC Facebook and Instagram channel. Always something new per website visit.


DIFC Legal Database

The DIFC Legal Database with quick search offers any legal practitioner the flexibility of finding published legal documents.

Be Mobile in the DIFC

The soon to be launched DIFC iOS and Android app will provide you the best experience when it comes to living and working in the DIFC. Can’t wait? No problem, the website is fully responsive and will also give the best possible experience to mobile users. Optimised to load quickly and to show only what you need when you’re on the go.


Having just joined the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), my first major task was a complete overhaul of the corporate website and the deadline was extremely tight. After a very thorough process, TenTwenty were selected and honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner to work with. They worked day and night, were extremely creative, easy to work with, no matter the issue that was thrown at them they had a solution, and the outcome was awesome!

Andrew Jack. Manager Digital Marketing DIFC.

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