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The DIFC – a ‘city within a city’. Businesses located in the Centre can make the most of a dedicated ecosystem within a rapidly growing market situated on one of the crossroads of the globalized economy. This diverse Freezone and Community now has an extensive web presence for businesses, retail, laws & regulations, real estate and more.




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The Challenge

Growth. Growth. Growth.

In line with a rebranding exercise, Tentwenty was tasked once again to update the DIFC’s online presence. With the DIFC becoming more than just a business destination, the website update had to reflect the now increasingly popular lifestyle offering also available in the area.

Much the same as our previous website redesign & build a few years previous, the challenge as always with the DIFC is providing the end user with an effortless experience whilst navigating a vast amount of information. This time however the content goes beyond business and now provides the user with an enormous amount of information on Lifestyle - separated into easy to navigate sub-areas.


The New Design

New Business

One of the huge success stories of the new site was the newly developed onboarding and enquiry process. Previously this was an area of the site that provided basic contact details, however after a thorough study of what was required, we created a completely bespoke, multi-step and multi-option enquiry form, ensuring each individual enquiry ended up in the right place.

As a result of this implementation, new business enquiries (and sign-ups) have increased by over 50% with a 60% yearly increase on form submissions.

The New Design


More than just a world-class financial centre, the DIFC also has a thriving lifestyle scene. The community is not only local residents living inside DIFC, but also visitors from all over Dubai. With events happening all year round, DIFC is definitely one of the key places to be.


A 3D view of the DIFC

3D Map

Ask random person in Dubai if they know the DIFC, their answer will of course be yes. To help visualise what is a huge area, we created a 3D map showing the several districts across DIFC and how to navigate them.

News, Press, & Events

With a mixture of corporate and community news, press and events, we added the functionality of browser-based notifications providing the user with up-to-date information at their fingertips. Newsletter subscriptions provide an alternative method for users to keep their finger on the DIFC pulse.


Visitor, Employee, Diner, Resident, Staying for a week, Staying for a night, Participating in an event, whatever part of the DIFC community you are, there is a huge amount of information available on the site to ensure your visit is a great one.


Having just joined the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), my first major task was a complete overhaul of the corporate website and the deadline was extremely tight. After a very thorough process, TenTwenty were selected and honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner to work with. They worked day and night, were extremely creative, easy to work with, no matter the issue that was thrown at them they had a solution, and the outcome was awesome!

Andrew Jack. Manager Digital Marketing DIFC.

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