ITP Media Group

Largest Audience,

Highest Engagement

ITP Media Group reaches an audience of more than 34 million people across the Middle East and beyond through its leading websites, portals, social media platforms, events, conferences, award ceremonies, magazines, books and social media influencers agency. For TenTwenty the task to design and develop their online presence.


ITP Media Group


Website Design & Development

Live Website

The Story

Global Reach

Reaching an audience of 34 million it's fair to say ITP Media Group is a big player in the Middle Eastern and even global media industry. The website is key to reflect it's global presence and reach. The website offers a balance between consumer and corporate as does their portfolio containing 54 brands.



The best globe available

As key element of the website the interactive globe can be found on the homepage and the contact pages. In cooperation with, TenTwenty has styled the globe to blend it with the website experience.



Online VS Offline

Due to the vast diversity of the offering by the Media Group, we've integrated both offline and online channels in a brand overview where the for the offline content magazine covers are the representing factor and for the online channels it's the background videos.


Content & Images

Let the work speak for itself

The vast amount of visual content makes the cases speak for itself. Beautiful imagery and videography.



Subtle though very prominent hover effects to highlight the fact of underlaying pages.

Total Reach

Having the total reach explained in more detail at the bottom of the brand pages, we've placed a smart scroll-down tool in the header of the brand page.


The Team

Last but not least on each brand page the mentioning of the editorial team. The point of contact for both press and PR agencies.

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