When we realised that the world was changing (and not necessarily for the better), we decided it was time to take action in whatever way we could. We decided as a company that we had to use our combined skill set to create something to help people. We had several ideas but the one that really stuck out was who!cares. The rest, as they say, is history.


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who!cares is a super simple app where you can check in on the people you love and care about on a daily basis. You (and they) submit quick daily status updates to let everyone else in the space know how they are feeling that day. A place where you can create safe spaces with the people you care about the most, where every day you can instantly see how they are feeling that day. Each user can instantly update their status quite literally with one simple tap.

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For friends and families spread across the world in different time zones, to friends and families who are in the same city or on the same street, this app makes it easy to know how everyone is feeling that day. 


We all care

Our vision is a simple one –  connecting people and asking that beautiful, basic question, “how are you?”.

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