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Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence is the world’s first further-education establishment with 100% focus on Artificial Intelligence. Established to research and develop the global possibilities of AI applications in our lives, while also educating students to be innovators and leaders with the breadth and depth of knowledge to grow technology and enterprise in the UAE and globally.


Mohamed bin Zayed University
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For a website with a vast amount of information, having a thorough, clear and easy-to-use search functionality right in the homepage header was a must - ensuring any visitor to the website could find the right information quickly and easily.

What does AI look like? For this we had to create something that represents the core principles of AI - a constantly dynamic, morphing, adapting body that reacts to its surroundings, inputs and outputs. For this we developed a free-flowing, morphing shape using the most up-to-date webGL/HTML5 Canvas technology available. The overall layout and concept for the site has a modern, technological theme with a focus on clean typography mixed with futuristic visual elements.

The Story

Streamlined and Insightful

With an in-depth study program mixed with an extensive application process, having a smooth user experience really was key.

Having the ability as a user to save your progress in the middle of an application, update, modify and resume the application process later is a very important feature. This has been crucial in ensuring all applications are completed fully without having to focus on what is a comprehensive application process in a single attempt.

Hover state

As the user explores the website, the core AI shape follows into each section as a subtle yet fun micro-interaction.

Futuristic 3D

By using modern web disciplines we created a visual element that renders in real time without the use of any video content.

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