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The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, founded in 2006, is home to the UAE National Space Programme. The Centre builds and operates earth observation satellites, offering imaging and data analysis services to clients around the world.


Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre



Live Website


Tentwenty was approached in early 2019 to help MBRSC create an online presence that matched their ambitions. Previously the MBRSC had several websites doing several different things at several different times. The number one aim for this project was of course to streamline everything into one concise platform.

The launch of the website tied in with the launch of the first Emirati Astronaut - a truly enormous moment not only in the UAE but also on a global scale. The ambitions of MBRSC to be a global player in the space industry is echoed through the website itself.

The Story

Future Technology

Working with an organisation like MBRSC is a highly rewarding process as our aims and objectives as partner companies are reflected in the technological possibilities of our individual industries. With this in mind, our intention from the outset was to create a website that not only utilises the most up to date web technology available, but also creates a fantastic user experience (that also happens to look great!).

MBRSC have a fantastic satellite program, rich with information and insight. It made sense to have a large section of the website focused on this. Each satellite has their own dedicated page focusing on their current location with full tracking, stats and facts about the satellite as well as specs and a beautiful gallery.

Hover state

Subtle interactions are scattered throughout the website. They have been created to not only add a certain amount of fun exploration, but to also give an insight into the structures of items.

3D Elements

Another fun element to add to the website was the hover interactions on 3D elements on the website, allowing the user to explore and rotate items based on their mouse movement.

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