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Through inspired and elegant design, Tentwenty created a website for DIFC that is as practical as it is enjoyable to browse. Ever concerned with detail, Tentwenty was able to make information easily available despite the depth and variety of the content offered.




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Jamaheer iOS App

The Story

Football one swipe away

Football is a community sport that is often enjoyed from the stages in a stadium or from the couch at home. This provided TenTwenty the opportunity to desgn and develop a mobile app for Jamaheer Football from scratch. Follow your teams, get news and track live results!

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Get notified on line-ups and substitutions. An overview of the whole team in 1 screen.


Predict Away!

As you know best how your team is going to perform, you can make a prediction by sliding the gauges to fit your prediction.


Player Information

Get stats from your favourite player. Browse, goals, assists and played time.


Analyse & Analyse

Track match stats while watching or see all the specs after the matched has finished. A vast amount of info, fitted to 1 screen.

Results, News, Community & More

Whether you're an analist or just love to mingle in the football community, this app suits all kinds of football supporters. Follow your teams to see only news relevant to your interest. Get in touch with other users and start a conversation. Feeling creative? Post your expert view of a match, and get featured on the homescreen.

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Experience Football

in the Middle East

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<p>Experience Football</p>

<p>in the Middle East</p>