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World renowned publication Forbes Middle East approached TenTwenty in 2019 with the view to bringing their website in line with the global brand.


Forbes Middle East



Live Website

Creating the digital platform for such a globally recognised brand was something we took very seriously. Our entire creative process from start to finish went into levels of detail that pushed this project into a different league altogether.

Revamps, restructures, redesigns, refreshes, and revisions. Not one part of the previous edition of the Forbes Middle East site made it into the new version. Every little element was stripped down to its bare components and then rebuilt again into a completely new end product.


Design & Layout

One area that required the most work was in the structure and categorisation of the previous archive of articles. Structures and sub-structures had been developed and built on over the years ending up with a very bloated and very hard to navigate website. This had to change.

Quite simply, we completely overhauled the entire site structure bringing it inline with sister Forbes publications globally to ensure future articles across the global platform all ended up in the same place. Oh and as part of the structure overhaul, we made it look great also!


Forbes Rich Lists

Something we can all dream of, one day appearing in a Forbes Rich List. Well if we can’t appear in one, the least we could do is create a fluid and easy to navigate design that provided the user with an effortless experience whilst providing one of Forbes main content areas.


Cross Platform

In line with all websites created at TenTwenty, Forbes is no different, providing the end user with the same beautiful experience across all platforms and devices.

Save for later

With the target readership of Forbes being ‘time poor’ but ‘knowledge rich’, we provided the end user with the ability to customise reading lists. Read now or read later, the choice is yours.

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