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As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading land and property developers, Abdul Latif Jameel Land came to tentwenty looking for innovative ways to showcase the broad scope of their business units that went beyond the expected. The result is a dynamic, interactive site that includes a stand-out 3D visualization of their centerpiece real estate project.


Abdul Latif Jameel Land



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The Story

New but Established

Abdul Latin Jameel Land has been around for a long time facilitating mainly the development of internal quality real estate project as showrooms and corporate offices. Now Abdul Latif Jameel’s established land and real estate development expertise not only has its own division, Abdul Latif Jameel Land, but a new web presence. This new department also required a new web presence. Having a selection of sub divisions Corporate, Offsite, Residential, Assets and Land Ventures, the site guides the user to the right page with the right information


A Diverse Brand

Residential, Corporate or Ventures

Due to the diversity of the Abdul Latif Jameel Land departments and services, each section is represented in detail with its own pages. Tatweer Jameel (Corporate) has an extensive portfolio of projects pinned on a map to provide a clear overview for the visitor. 


Abdul Latif Jameel City

The playful layout of Abdul Latif Jameel City (Sakan Jameel) with rolling facts and figures informs the user within a glance.


In the News

News, Press Release or Event, the modular layout of the ‘In the News’ section allows any type of content to be placed in an insightful way.

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