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JAFZA is the leading Free Zone in the region, with 7,500+ companies registered and operating from their location (with approx 100 being Global Fortune 500 enterprises). Established in 1985 with 19 registered companies, JAFZA’s growth over the years comes as no surprise.


JAFZA in assignment of KRAFTHAUS


Interactive Interface
WebApp / App

JAFZA approached TenTwenty digital agency in the middle of 2019 to help them develop their presence in the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). For the majority of the year, the walkways of DWTC are filled with exhibition stands – usually manned 7 days a week. 

Alongside KRAFTHAUS, we developed a fully automated digital approach to what is otherwise a very traditional approach from other vendors in the DWTC walkways.



No hassle

With all other stands in DWTC, regardless of the solution or service being sold, there is one common element - the person working on the stand.

For many people, walking up to someone to enquire about whatever they’re selling can seem like a daunting task. You’re instantly opening yourself up to a scripted sales pitch, will be forced to take booklets and brochures, and worst case scenario, if you don’t want what they’re interested in, you’ll have to endure that awkward ‘sorry, not interested’ conversation before walking away.

With the JAFZA stand, we removed this barrier. The stand is fully automated, has relaxing, environmental music and requires no assistance. The navigation and use of the platform is super simple and intuitive, allowing the user to get the right information at their own pace rather than being rushed through by an eager sales person. All interactions are done through a wireless tablet allowing seamless data input and response.

One of the biggest outcomes from the stand was the huge increase in enquiries for JAFZA and their services. The simple flow designed and developed by tentwenty allowed the user to enter some basic information which instantly funnelled them into the appropriate communication channel allowing the right person to contact them instantly.

High Definition

Due to the canvas size, all visuals were specifically designed to be HD –  allowing the user experience to feel totally immersive between the wireless tablet and the giant display. All interactions are crystal clear on both screens allowing effortless navigation and data input.

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