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Dubai Future Talks gathers a global community of visionaries, change-makers, and pioneers on one platform to discuss future topics such as science, health, climate change or space travel. Tentwenty has created a website that delivers Dubai Future Foundation's message to the audience in a unique and remarkable way.


Dubai Future Foundation



Live Website

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The Story

Unique Interactions

Dubai Future Talks believes in Dubai’s transformative story - one built on future foresight - as a driving force for disruptive change.

For TenTwenty the goal to provide a platform that allows Future Talks' goal to identify ideas, organizations and individuals that are at the forefront of change and broadcast them to audiences around the world. We are a catalyst for action, prompting ideas and inspiring those designing the future.


A natural way to view video content

From on-scroll fade-in, to transforming videos while browsing content. New ways of displaying video content using existing technology. 



A speaker's showreel

Cross-linking speakers with videos, categories & view-counts. TenTwenty has implemented the full fletch YouTube API which allows the website to display videos per speaker, list view-counts, see what is the most popular video and allowing the website visitor to play with these attributes. 

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In the details

A slide in navigation menu isn't new, it's the details that make a website work well. The text comes in based on a random fade-in.


Select your speaker! The hover effect interacts with the dotted grid in the background.

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