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In 2006 Airbus established a substantive permanent commercial presence in the region and opened the Airbus Middle East subsidiary in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. The key objective for TenTwenty was to create a platform that allows global distribution of the Asfaar by Airbus Newsletter, so far being sent as hardcopy documents, in a smart, digital and efficient way.


Airbus Middle East


Responsive Website, Newsletter Distribution

Live Website

The Story

A Global Distribution of Asfaar

Asfaar has been the newsletter format for Airbus Middle East for over 10 years. The company as of that time not having an online representation was looking for a new platform that informs their customers of the presence in the region, the aircraft families they offer and primarily their news updates through a digital version of Asfaar. This Asfaar by Airbus Newsletter contains An Introduction by the CEO, Spotlights, Did you knows, News Bites and Aircraft Deliveries of that month.

The Newsletter

Extensive Articles and Mailing

Whether it’s an image, video or statistic driven story, the Asfaar newsletter has all flexibility build-in right onto the CMS. Each article allows space for an image gallery that also can include a video file that can play fullscreen. There’s clear differentiation between the visual content on the left and the text based content on the right. Relevant articles slide in from the left based on article tags. Even more exclusively is the dynamic statistics module that has been implemented. An interactive pie chart, graph or map automatically generated based on an uploaded excel file.


Aircraft Families

An informative but stylish overview of all Airbus Aircraft Families. Each family provides a listing of their members with fitting daytime background.



An Airbus A380 for Emirates or an Airbus A350 XWB for Qatar Airways. A clear listing of this month's aircrafts with a detailed archive search module.


Newsletter Mailings

With the click of a button an automatically generated HTML structure available in your newsletter sending module. Using detailed on-site analytics for receipt, open and click events.

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